Cella's 3rd. Meeting in Jeddah City … "The Saudi Woman in the International Organizations – from Local to Global".

16 December 2012
Venue Riyadh

In Cella Jeddah's 3rd. meeting, the network hosted Dr. Thurayia Bint Ahmed Obeid, the former Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations and president of the United Nations Population Fund. Dr. Thurayia Obeid has a distinguished and pioneer personality for being the first Saudi woman to get government scholarship to pursue graduate studies in the United States and the first Saudi woman to hold a prominent and important position in the United Nations.

The meeting which has been attended by over 200 professional women, began with professional acquaintance and exchange of business cards during the first hour. The second hour witnessed a debate on the topic of the meeting : "The Saudi Woman in the International Organizations – from local to global".

Mrs. Samar Fattani has moderated the dialogue with Dr. Thurayia, which touched upon the expertize of Dr. Thurayia and her long experience in the international organizations.

Notable quotes mentioned by Dr. Thurayia Obeid:

"I thank Cella and my heart has always been with young people. I have registered and become a member of Cella became close to the promising young women".

"My leadership philosophy is to make my employees feel that the project is theirs and that they are the basis of success and their success is my success".

Lama Nasser, the founding member and president of Cella Jeddah has said : " Today we witness the 3rd. regular meeting of Cella Jeddah, hosting Dr. Thurayia Obeid, who represents an honor to every Saudi woman for becoming an international figure while preserving her Islamic and Arabic identity and setting an example for every professional woman. In Cella, we look forward to launch a pilot project for professional guidance in Jeddah and Riyadh cities by the year 2013, which aims at providing professional guidance opportunity for professional women.

Dina Madani, a founding member of Cella Jeddah has said : " In my career in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, I was inspired by Dr. Thurayia's advices, wisdom and leadership philosophy that emerged from her long experience in the United Nations and her tenure as an assistant Secretary-General. The Saudi woman is capable of reaching top international positions, being praised by the former UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, who noted that a Saudi woman is the most capable to assume such positions".

The meeting ended with an open dialogue between the members and guests.

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