The 5th. Meeting – The Job Ceiling , Removal of Barriers, Sponsored by (HP) Hewlett-Packard

14 April 2013
Venue Riyadh

The meeting began at 07:00 P.M by the audiences talking with each other and building professional relationship and at 07:45 they proceeded to the theatre to listen to the speakers:

  • Eng. Rasha Al Hoshan, the Member of the board of "Kingdom Holding Company".
  • Eng. Nabila Al Tunisi Manager of the Engineering Sector at Ras Tannoura Refinery – ARAMCO.
  • Mrs. Halah Qudwa, the Director General of Strategic Planning at Samba Bank.
  • Mrs. Ghadah Bin Baz, the Manager of Human Resource Department at King Fahad Medical city and Vice-President of the Human Resources Committee at the Ministry of Health's medical cities.

The ladies have discussed the hiring of women in leadership positions at the different sectors, the topic that is cited as of critical importance to professional women. They shared the audiences their career experiences up the ladder to their current positions. The speakers received questions from the audiences in an atmosphere filled with positive energy and optimism.

We would like you to view the comments of the audiences brought through the social media network during the event:

"Introducing Eng. Nabela Al Tunisi as a distinguished personality and an "Iron Lady" in ARAMCO as well as being classified among the top 25 ladies in project management. Nabela Al Tunisi " With my team in ARAMCO we manage 60 projects totaling to US$ 80 billion.

Nabela Al Tunisi Among 54k workers in Aramco 80% are Saudis" shatter the glass through knowledge, hard work, commitment, experience, and dedication" Mrs. Ghadah Bin Baz " Testing the function of human resources in the hospital began with a visit to mortuary!!".

Mrs. Ghadah Bin Baz "I applied for a post in King Fahad Medical City, the interviewer wrote on my CV in green ink : 'No woman shall occupy a post in this institution". There came the challenge and later the same responsible person signed my employment papers with the same green ink." I decided to adopt Saudization passionately after an experience in the hospital emergency room, where some Saudi young people died without finding anybody around them to prompt them say the Repetition of faith assurance words". Mrs. Ghadah Bin Baz faced several challenges where overcoming them was very inspiring".

Rasha Al Hoshan was inspired by how women work in collaborative manner early in her career, very different from men

Rasha Al Hoshan "Work never stops even if conditions are not favorable".

Rasha Al Hoshan Luck is an opportunity well prepared for" "Start with the tough things first"

Rasha Al Hoshan"Work hard one day it will pay back .. don't chose the easy road because any one can do the easy thing"

Rasha Al Hoshan"When you are down don't stay in bed go to work even if you don't feel like it, it is the best remedy"

Halah Qudwa " Before my employment the manager asked me about what would I do if my country citizens refused to work with me being a woman? I answered " They should resign I wouldn't be angry with them". " Separating pride from the post is very important". "Post does not make the person, the opposite is correct".

Halah Qudwa In command always seek balance, be humble as you go up the ladder you are the one who adds to the position not the other way around"

Halah Qudwa "The balance between home and work is important. Use the support you find around you. Success is beautiful in everything".

Halah Qudwa "When you ask a fish to fly, you will keep thinking that it is stupid!!". She continued: " I wonder who is the stupid one".

Halah Qudwa " People respect the quality of work no matter stands behind it a woman or a man".

Halah Qudwa "No one lives alone, know the details of the things around you".

Halah Qudwa " If you are dreaming of something make it big. My dream was getting an office in the 9th. floor. My dream came true when Eng. Rasha Al Hoshan established this office.

Nice and encouraging words from Halah Qudwa.

Today, the speakers are Saudis of another kind!!

"This event is Tedx material!"

"Great job Cella Network proud to be a Saudi women...Cella's meeting today has broken the glass and concrete barrier in its history, it was really unforgettable".

" Thank you Cella, the venue is wonderful, the organization is the finest, the speakers are most wonderful … May Allah bless you".

"What a motivating event! Many thanks to Cella network for organizing it. It was truly inspiring"

"Enjoyed every minute of it! Everything was wonderful ..Thank you !"

Today, the speakers are Saudis of another kind!! I am very proud of the women of my country.

‪"Thank you Cella Network for giving us this wonderful opportunity to meet up with such empowering & inspiring Saudi women".

"Thanks to all who stood behind the continuity of this wonderful event, may Allah keep you as an inexhaustible energy".

"With determination, hard work & good planning your dreams will have no limits& those women were a great example for all of us. thank You Cella"

"An amazing night full of positive energy, I am beyond dazzled !!"

"A big salute to the team! Your efforts show .Thank you for being there "

"Was amazing! It's a much needed support group for the Saudi working woman."

" Thank you Cella again and again, the meeting was great and the stories were truly inspiring".

This meeting comes to supplement Cella's periodic meetings which aim at creating a professional environment for the working women in all sectors, as well as highlighting successful experiences of professional women.

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