The First Anniversary of Cella Network Launch – Communication Marathon

25 July 2013
Venue Riyadh

In the first initiative of its kind, Cella Network has held a meeting on Sunday the 17th. of Ramadan 1433H for the professional communication under the title of " Communication Marathon".

The meeting targeted building professional relationships in a short period of time through making each individual identify herself in a minute. The meeting brought together a number of professional and businesswomen in various fields, where Cella has made available a unique opportunity for developing professional relationship in a quick and effective way. This has contributed to the exchange of experiences and widening the relationship circle through gaining new professional and personal relationships effectively and interestingly, therefore benefiting all parties involved.

The meeting was Cella's first creation in its second year, and we hope to expand the network activities to include all parts of the Kingdom subject to their positive impact on the development of skills and professional values.


  • The meeting began with displaying a film about Cella network.
  • Mrs. Lama Naseer, President of Cella Network – Jeddah, delivered a speech highlighting the importance of building professional relationships and a brief account about Cella.
  • Two sessions about the "Communication Marathon" were held attended by 90 ladies.
  • The meeting was crowned by awarding the following 5 members the Award of Excellence in the Professions Communication:
    1. Mrs. Nour Al Abdelkareem , the Executive Director of the Princess Noura Bint Abdulrahman Center for business support and development and the founding member of Cella Network.
    2. Mrs. Noura Al Tiraiqy, Director of Women's Section in the Institute of Banking.
    3. Mrs. Reem Al Baker , Prince Sultan University.
    4. Mrs. Latifa Al Sidairy, Businesswoman.
    5. Mrs. Rasha Al Turki, Project Manager in Al Nahda Association and the founding member of Cella Network.
  • Given the large number of votes the organizing committee provided the shields to the 5 winners.
  • The meeting has been attended by more than 90 Cella Network members.
  • A Ramadan Tateemah "Feast" was organized as a hospitality for members.
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