Cella and the Art of Giving

30 August 2013
Venue Riyadh
Cella Social Media Network for Professional Women in the Kingdom, one of Al Nahda Association projects

Cella Social Media Network for Professional Women in the Kingdom, one of Al Nahda Association projects, has held its 10th. periodic meeting under the " Art of giving" title in Sunday the 29th. of Rabie Al Awal 1434 corresponding to the 10th. of February 2013 at Al Nahda Association Headquarter – Riyadh City. The meeting was exclusively sponsored by Azeeb Group for Social Development.

In this meeting , Cella has hosted the charity works leaders in the Kingdom, H.R.H Princess Mudhi Bint Khalid Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, Member of the "Shura" Council and the Secretary-General of Al Nahda Association and the Chairman of the Saudi Association for voluntary Works "takatof", Dr. Thurayia Bint Ahmed Obeid, Member of the "Shura" Council, the former Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations and the President of the United Nations Population Fund.


The Meeting Program:

The Princess Maha Bint Abdul Aziz Bin Ahmed delivered an orientation speech about Sawaed Azeep – Social development.

Dialogue management: Direct interventions with Princess Mudhi Bint Khalid and Dr. Thurayia Bint Ahmed Obeid

Attendance: 207 ladies.


Notable quotes:

Frustration is the road to positivity Dr. Thurayia Obeid

Don't despair, Continue, complete the march Mudhi Bint Khalid.

Don't despair, we women need to work harder, and confront many areas.Princess Mudhi Bint Khalid.

On the occasion of concluding the 10th. Cella meeting , the network has honored Mrs. Noura Al Tiraiqy - Director of Women's Section in the Institute of Banking for being the Distinguished Member of the Year.


The meeting was attended by a large number of Cella ladies and former speakers, in addition to Al Nahda Association's members of the Board of Directors.

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