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  • Connect to our Kingdom wide network with enriching and professional environment.
  • Develop Professionalism, Values & Skills.
  • Get opportunities & create ideas.
  • Share and utilize resources.
  • Inspire & Spread awareness.
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Why having CellA membership

As young yet flourishing network, CellA has already made its way among professional women in Saudi, our database of well known figures, working and business women has reached more than few thousands around the kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The network community

  • Women who have founded or co-founded start-up companies in all fields in Saudi Arabia.
  • Professional women coming from more than 15 sectors.
  • Professionals who are affiliated with established corporations in all fields in Saudi Arabia.
  • Learning, Development and Research organizations interested in professional women.
  • Associations and Governments with concerned with working women in Saudi Arabia.
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