Mentorship Program

“Formalizing the process of giving advice”

CellA mentorship program is a non-profit initiative aims to provide networking opportunities between experienced, successful females in Saudi, and other interested females in different sectors. The program facilitates building relationships, learning and transfer of knowledge between successful professional women acting as mentors to aspiring young mentees.

A mentor’s role is to advise, advocate, support, challenge and guide his or her students, varying the role based on each situational need. The program enhances the learning and development of our mentees.

The mentorship program serves career development needs and career path planning for mentees. It enriches them with knowledge from real-life experiences. The vibrancy and diversity provide a rich and rewarding experience for our mentors as well. Mentors hail from leading companies and corporations, small businesses, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, entrepreneurial ventures and start-ups all representing a wide range of industries.

Program Objectives and Benefits:

  • To provide a rich and rewarding opportunity to learn from successful executives, business leaders and managers.
  • To create dialogue around and exploration of real-life situations and career development issues
  • Make new contacts and expand one’s network
  • To be a career development activity; not a job placement activity
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